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September 4th, 1890 — A Corridor, Hogwarts
@Gretchen Lestrange

The first week had proved to be a busy one.  Between his own classes and new prefect duties, Ned was worn out by the end of the day.  Next week would bring Dueling Club planning, and, while excited, he was somewhat dreading adding another thing to his plate.  However, he knew things would calm down considerably by the end of the month, especially once the first years had a better handle on their new schedules and routines.

In the lull between classes and dinner, Ned found himself paused in the middle of the hallway, patiently explaining to a particularly lost firstie how to return to their common room.  Once the boy began to confidently stride off in the correct direction, he shook his head, fairly certain that particular boy might need a map drawn.

Starting to turn away, he noticed one of the Lestrange girls heading in his direction.  He, of course, knew her from classes from the last two years, but they'd had very few conversations. He figured they might have more now that he was also a prefect, so he hoped catching her in the hallway wouldn't seem too strange. His concern for his sister outweighed the irregularity of the situation.

"Miss Lestrange, do you have a moment?" Ned paused a few feet away from her, his eyebrows raised in a questioning manner.

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The beginning of term always felt like a rebirth to Gretchen after a summer stuck with Agape and Nephele the Nutter so it was with a definite spring in her step that she made her way through the corridors towards the library to get ahead before the evening meal. The vigour of life at Hogwarts suited Gretchen far more than the indolence of her homelife and armed with the little titbit she had discovered about Waterford last year she was determined to make the most of her sixth year.

Which obviously meant a trip to the library.

Stopped in her tracks by the sound of her own voice it took Gretchen a moment to realise she was being addressed by one of the newer prefects – Moody, was it? – but he spoke politely enough for a boy of his class so she deigned to give him the time of day.

“I’m on my way to the library but you’re welcome to walk with me if it’s urgent,” she offered pleasantly enough, having no notion whatsoever why she was being bothered by a Gryffindor at all.
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Ned wasn't sure how the conversation would unfold, but he was a bit relieved that Gretchen allowed him to continue. With an agreeable nod, he fell into step next to her, not at all minding a walk to the library. His feet would know where they were going easily enough.

"It's not urgent, per say. However, it has the potential to be...time sensitive." He hoped that Anne would adjust to her new house before any unhappy notions or assumptions started to wheedle into her stubborn brain. Impressions were important to Slytherins, and Anne's knee jerk reaction to run to him during the feast likely wasn't the best impression.

He wasn't so sure Miss Lestrange was the sort to engage in polite small talk, so, with only a small pause, he arrived at the root of the matter. "My sister has been sorted into your house. I...only wish to inquire about how she's adjusting."

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