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August 5th, 1890 — Padmore Park, Hogsmeade

Same place, different day. It was actually a different month, Charity realized with embarrassment. It had been nearly four months, and she had never sought out Eros Mohr in an attempt to befriend him. Instead, she stuck with the people she was most comfortable with: Mia Key, Dolly Dearborn, and a number of the Irvingly children whose closeness to home made it simply more convenient to befriend them than the ones from Hogsmeade.

Even though she was still eight (though she was almost nine) she felt so much different than she had when she met the quidditch-loving boy that day. No longer did she fear walking right up to him, though her timid smile gave away her fears of... well, of him not wanting to talk to her!

"Do you play in the park every day?" she asked. It would make no sense that he did (didn't rich people have more important things to do? Dolly certainly did), but both times she'd spent more than an hour in the park she'd happened across him!

— @Eros Mohr

cutest set ever by MJ <3
Eros didn't mind too much that he hadn't heard from Miss Lloyd. He was used to connections he had been made dropping once they realized who his mother was. By this point in his life, it hardly fazed him. He did have other friends that he regularly played with but obviously he wouldn't have minded adding to the number.

Even so, he smiled brightly in greeting as she appoached him in the park months after their initial meeting. He chuckled when she asked if he played in the park every day. "Not every day, no," he said. Sometimes he had play dates in other kids homes or it was raining. "But at least once a week. Governess says young children need outdoor exercise." But he suspected it had more to do with Artemis giving the household headaches.

eros is half-veela which means females tend to feel drawn to him with older ladies feeling protective of him

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To her surprise, she was greeted as if they'd never parted! She returned the smile with a hesitant one of her own, suddenly feeling as thought she should have brought something along with her so it didn't seem like she'd walked over simply to speak to him. A book, perhaps—maybe the sketch of the lake she'd done earlier.

"My governess says the same thing," she admitted, a blush rising too easily on her freckled cheeks. Was it her, or had Eros grown a few inches? Had he always been this tall? The last time she'd seen him, they'd been sitting for most of the conversation. "I confess I prefer to be indoors, though. I only like being outside when there's a storm coming. I like the atmosphere." (And he cared about it, why?)

cutest set ever by MJ <3
"It must be written in a Governess handbook somewhere," Eros said with a chuckle. They had been through a lot of governesses due to a combination of factors. And they all seemed to really like outdoors time as far as he could tell. "I prefer the outdoors, personally. Can't ride a broom indoors." Not that he hadn't tried once when his father had accidentally left his broom within Eros's reach. It had not been pretty. "You like storms? Like with thunder and lightening?" He asked curiously. Artemis tended to hate them while Eros was more or less indifferent to them aside from the mild distaste that he wasn't allowed to play outside during one. "Are you allowed to go out in the rain? I bet it's fun."

eros is half-veela which means females tend to feel drawn to him with older ladies feeling protective of him

magical set by mj!

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