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Preliminary Gayeties
May 8th, 2020 — Emrys Selwyn's Residence; Trading Faces Masquerade
The sort of invites that Xavier tended to get were not always of the proper kind so he did not know what to expect from this. But he had been intrigued and had nothing else to do so had decided to attend. There seemed to be a fair mixup of folks, some looked more respectable than others but appearances could be deceiving. The request for his hair had been weird but he had seen a lot of weird things in his life. All he'd said as he had offered it up was a counter-request that it not be used for voodoo or something.

Perusing the other guests, he was curious to know what the hair thing was about since it was clear that everyone had gotten a hair taken off of them. But his curiosity about it only lasted for so long since he had soon come across the drink selection.
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When faced with the choice between this and an evening spent with her husband – Zenobia and Tanwen having decided, most inconveniently, to take a trip to the lakes for the week – Ambrosia had opted for the lesser of two evils. Most of the time she ignored him with ease but he was becoming increasingly interested in his daughter’s debut and Ambrosia could only stand it for so long.

Merlin, what had her life come to that actively spending time with Emrys was a better alternative? True she didn’t dislike him half as much as Daniel but he was still far from her favourite person.

“Mr Mondragon,” she greeted, finding herself in unfortunate company while in the pursuit of a decent drink. “By any chance has my brother-in-law explained to you why we ladies are obliged to disturb our maid’s good work on the way in this evening?”
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Ambrosia's got 99 problems but this hot af set from MJ ain't 1 of them
Xavier had yet to greet the host of the party as he had wanted to do. Instead, he found himself in the company of Emrys's sister in law which he was not wholly displeased about. "Can not say that I do but I am sure it will prove quite interesting," Xavier said with a smile. Things with Emrys did tend to turn entertaining and he had high hopes for the evening.

Interesting was one word for Emyrs. Ambrosia had a number of others, some of which she had said to his face and others that were between her and the mental wall she was always screaming at.

Smiling tightly Ambrosia observed Mr Mondragon, assuming that whatever potentially nefarious thing was about to occur would likely hit him first so at least she would be prepared. There was some cold comfort in being forewarned.

“If I know Emyrs it will involve a great deal of wine to get through.”

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Ambrosia's got 99 problems but this hot af set from MJ ain't 1 of them
Xavier didn't know about that. He tended to find Emrys's exploits quite fun, really. Emrys's sister did not seem quite as fun so he went about grabbing himself a glass of scotch but was gentleman enough to hand her a glass of wine. "Here is a glass to get us both started while we wait to see," he said before frowning slightly as his skin turned a lot paler than his usual skin tone.
Accepting the glass with a small, tight smile Ambrosia resolved to only stay at this evening’s revels for as long as was necessary to remain polite, and was just taking a sip of wine to cement the deal with herself when her entire body began to tense.

What on earth?!

As her breath began to come at an increased pace Ambrosia carefully placed her glass aside, eyes fixing on Mr Mondragon with some accusation.

“What is this?”

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Ambrosia's got 99 problems but this hot af set from MJ ain't 1 of them
"I think it's the drink," Xavier surmised since he had taken a swig of scotch before the paling had happened.  And he had noted that something seemed to happen to Emrys's sister after she had sipped the wine. "I don't know what's happening." It wasn't like made regular use of polyjuice to realize that was what was currently happening.
feel free to just say he turned into some random npc of ambrosias acquaintance!
The moment the gentleman's face began to change Ambrosia had only a slight moment of clarity before it was followed by annoyance and a blinding ache in her body that rapidly drove all thoughts from her mind. When she had come back to herself Ambrosia glanced down at her hands which were, curiously, not entirely unknown to her.

Frowning she glanced around the room until she finally found a reflective surface and the roll of her eyes may have been pure Ambrosia but it looked quite uncanny on Liliana's face. The stupid girl wasn't even here - Emrys was taking his life in his hands.

"I'm going to leave and if you tell anyone about this you will regret every moment of your life thus far."

Fuck's sake her voice sounded so pathetically young.

[Image: OJ90voz.png]
Ambrosia's got 99 problems but this hot af set from MJ ain't 1 of them

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