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Spell Damage Healer

28 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 4 in.   ❤   Married
played by Meeka
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Iris Cattermole

Full Name: Iris Victoria Cattermole née Belby

Nickname(s): Izzy

Birthdate: December 5, 1860

Age: 28

Occupation: Spell Damage Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: spruce; 12 ½ inches; Veela hair

Byron Cattermole, Husband
James Cattermole ,Son [1884]
Celine Cattermole, Daughter [1886]

Cygnus Belby, Father [1818]
Antiope Belby née Westerman, Mother [1828]
Ephraim Belby | Brother, b. 1852 - Known Werewolf

  • Eloise Belby née Phillips, Sister-in-law[1854]
  • Aria Belby, Niece [1874]
  • Archer Belby, Nephew [1877]

Isaiah Belby, Brother [1855], and family
Major Belby, Brother [1864]
Begonia Belby, Sister [1867]

While not beautiful by society’s standard due to her russet hair, the softness of her other features makes up for it. She has grey eyes . Her bright hair is usually pinned up neatly. Iris inherited the willowy physique of her family but she had gained a bit of hip after giving birth to her two kids. She is also shorter compared to her siblings but taller than the standards of the era with the height of 5 feet and 4 inches.

Persuasive – Overprotective – Nosy – Confident – Charitable – Heart over Head – Flirtatious
※ She has failed to cast the patronus charm and is very frustrated about it.

※ Like other middle class girls, she learned foreign languages including French and very poor Italian.

※ Iris is quite talented at playing the piano.

※ The scent of her amortentia is composed of mint, tea leaves and her husband's hair.

1860| After two boys, a girl was born into the Belby Family.

1864| Major was born.

1867| Begonia was born and Iris is delighted to have another girl around.

1866| As her for her first magical act, Iris burns the Christmas goose as she argued with her younger brother. Her family was happy that Iris proved to be a witch although disappointed as well that the turkey was on the toasty side.

1872| It was her turn to go to Hogwarts. She was sorted in Ravenclaw. At first she doubts the sorting as she never saw herself as smart but finds out that she had a talent for Herbology and potions once class started. In the same house she meets her closest friends, Porphyria Dempsey and Nathalie Jennings.

1873| Ephraim gets married.

1878| At the coming out ball she had the pleasure to dance with Barnabas Skeeter which undoubtedly ruined the night for her.

After graduation, she manages to persuade her parents to let her join Cyrus at St. Mungo’s - with the help of her good grades and her brother. After a year of internship at the Spell Damage department she was promoted as a full time healer.

1881|Iris meets Byron Cattermole at a luncheon held by a close friend. Their friendship turned into romance [i]very quickly [/i]and after 9 weeks of courtship, he proposes. The couple got married in early 1882.

1883| Cyrus was attacked by a werewolf and was shunned by the public after the Daily Prophet publishes an article about the attack. As much as she wanted to help her brother, she remained silent. It was painful for her to watch Cyrus’ life crumble just when he was at the peak. Helping him would just tarnish the family even more and she was too afraid of being branded of protecting a monster.

Months after the incident, Ephraim, now Cyrus Westerman, reached out to her via owl. She was happy to hear that he had found a place to settle in but would never try to speak to him when not necessary. Out of loyalty and kindness, she does send him supplies borrowed from the hospital stock room and hasty notes.

1884| The couple’s first child, James, was born

1886| Celine was born.

1888| Her marriage is still stable although there is tension between the couple if one looks carefully.Her husband wants her to quit her job but of course Iris would have none of it and this was the topic of most of their arguments.

  • Her brother, Ephraim Belby, is a werewolf and is still alive.
  • Her sister Begonia is rumored to have been caught topless with another girl .
  • She was married in a short span of time, with only nine weeks of courtship.
  • She is still in contact with her werewolf brother .
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