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Satisfied wife of Myles Warrington
Satisfied wife of Myles Warrington

23 year old Halfblood
5ft. 3 in.   ❤   Married
played by Amy
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Bianca Warrington
I'm a girl in a world in which
My only job is to marry rich
My father has no sons so I'm the one
Who has to social climb

Full Name: Bianca Angelica Warrington nee Wyndham

Nickname(s): By papa: Angel
By close friends and her sisters: Bee, Anca

Birthdate: May 28, 1867

Age: 23

Occupation: Satisfied wife of Myles Warrington

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor ('85)

Wand: 9” Red Oak with unicorn hair, springy with a custom willow handle grip

Allistair Wyndham, Father [1828]
Catherine Wyndham, Mother [1834]
“Elizabeth” Wyndham, Sister [1871]
"Margaret” Wyndham, Sister [1874]

Willard Pryce, Half-Brother [1857]
A bastard and son of whore, her father’s “natural” son.

Myles Warrington, Husband [1859]

It would be a mistake to dismiss Bianca based on her 5’3” height. She has more fire in her short frame than three of taller stature. A squared jaw and high cheekbones can’t mask the perpetually youthful face that is Bianca. appearance. The easy smile and quick laugh add to her charm. Her name proves true in her coloring, pale and clear complexioned. Bianca has a few scattered beauty marks, but nothing of note. Her hair is a dark brown and usually worn long. It’s her blue eyes that usually earn remarks and she frequently dresses to accent them. Bianca is used to the best things money can buy and she dresses the part. If it’s out of fashion, it won’t be found on her. Bianca is righthanded.
Charming – Vivacious – Opinionated – Savvy – Devoted – Flirtatious – Proud
- Her patronus is a swan. She’s immensely proud of it.
- Is prone to some era-typical racism, but it is aimed almost exclusively (and silently) toward her bastard half-brother
1867 – Bianca Angelica Wyndham is born to Allistair and Catherine Wyndham after a long and difficult labor. While not a son, as hoped, Bianca is adored by her parents and showered with every love and advantage. She was a princess and an angel, just ask her papa.

1871 – Pregnant with a second child the Wyndhams hire the first governess for Bianca to keep her out of her mother’s way. The promise of a sibling and boundless energy make the young girl a menace to an exhausted, ailing mother. Bianca loves to practice French and play piano with her mother, but her governess finds her less agreeable. Bianca has a way of reminding the hired help that work for her papa, and as she saw it, her.

”Elizabeth” is born, which is alright, she guesses.

1872 – Bianca shows her first observed magic by levitating one of her father’s financial ledgers to the floor. What was initially pride upon discovery becomes barely concealed rage when it’s discovered that Bianca’s used red ink to make handprints randomly throughout pages.

1874 – At seven, Bianca is thrilled and slightly less annoying as her mother’s third child is on the way. When it’s “Margaret” and not a son, Bianca is thoroughly annoyed. She already has as a sister; she wanted a little brother. She doesn’t understand how desperately her parents needed a son or that mother will never have another child.

A few months after her youngest sister is born, Bianca’s perfect world is shattered. Mother’s been distraught for days and father’s been hiding in his study, which is only odd because he isn’t making time for her. Now that she’s capable of sitting still, she spends as much time as possible with her father working on her lessons; he never locks her out.

After a week of freak behavior, her father sits her down for a very grownup talk. It isn’t pretty. Apparently, even her parents aren’t perfect which is in direct opposition to what she’s been telling lesser children in play groups. Her father has another child, a son ten years her senior. There is yelling, just about all of it from her. While she will have the decency to later attribute it to a sense of betrayal on behalf of her mother and the family, it’s more about a threat to her status as “eldest and favorite.”

1875 – Bianca meets the bastard her father’s natural child. Upon introduction, she asks where someone of such base complexion learned English and whether or not his masters knew he’d been stealing their clothes. It was an awesome dinner. Wow.

To his credit, Mr. Pryce was far kinder than she’d earned in their first meeting. They even managed to be cordial as their father forced them into socializing. Even at eight, she knew that since father had no sons, it was her job to social climb. She might as well practice on this unwanted family member. How her mother bore it was beyond her.

1878 – Hogwarts is everything Bianca could hope for. The Sorting Hat takes about thirty seconds, but then confidently sends her off to Gryffindor. Always too outspoken for her own good and quick to dazzle a room, Bianca quickly makes a name for herself. To her mother’s disappointment, Bianca is most thrilled by DADA. Hardly womanly magic.

1881 –Bianca adds Ancient Runes to her courses, but only because she has to take on an elective.

1882 – “Elizabeth” joins her Hogwarts

1883 – Bianca’s OWLs reflect something everyone knows: she’s bright and a wonderful student, but bores easily. Dropping classes is a relief. Now she can focus on interesting things! She continues with Charms, DADA, Potions, Transfigurations, Astronomy, HOM, and Herbology. The only reason she takes as many courses as she does is to make sure that her natural brother doesn’t outdo her. She regrets the decision when it means nights stuck in the Astronomy tower.

1885 – Bianca finishes her Hogwarts career with very respectable marks. Had she been born a son, she would have easily secured a Ministry position, her father assures her. They don’t talk about her barely passing Astronomy mark. She still earned the NEWT, end of story. “Margaret” is off to Hogwarts.

1887 – Bianca is bored. Debuting was wonderful and she thrived in her Seasons, but there was no challenge to making men seek her out or winning the attention of the room. Even if she had been dull, she was Allistair Wyndham’s true heir. Absolutely no one crossed papa and, ironically, it seemed to scare away some suitors. The men her father’s long shadow didn’t scare off, Bianca’s sharp tongue did. It wasn’t her fault some men were fools or that she was right more often than not. If a man couldn’t tolerate her exacting standards, he wasn’t worth the effort. She was never satisfied; it was her curse. Thankfully, there was a man of a similar affliction.

1888 – Myles Warrington was perfect. While not the most attractive man to catch her attention (that honor went to a stunning Hufflepuff boy five years ahead of her), Myles was just so clever and masculine. He was patient and solid; shrewd and well respected. He listened when she spoke, remembered her whims and opinions. The dearest thing to her, though, was when he shared bits of himself. She couldn’t have explained it, but there was something about Mr. Warrington that screamed ‘danger,’ which was ridiculous, but she couldn’t help but gravitate toward the storm in his eyes.

When he asked for her hand, she accepted before bothering to see if her father had offered his consent. She also threatened to elope and never speak to her father again if he didn’t agree to the marriage, which all was a bit much for her father, but Bianca never did a thing by half. She was in love and half mad with her need to Mrs. Myles Warrington. She would have no other. The couple are married before the end of the year in a stunning winter wedding. Bianca takes to married life with enthusiasm and is determined to have a son of her own within a year. Take that, Natural Pryce.

1889 – Bianca makes supporting Myles her highest goal; every effort is to further their ambitions. What he wants, she wants. They are partners in all things. She could never ask for more. She charms colleagues, employs every gossip she knows into learning the preferences and moods of his superiors, anything for her to be part of his narrative. So, what is she missing?

The child she expected to mark her first year as a wife doesn’t come. Every headache and stomach cramp gives her hope only to leave her devastated in a month’s time. From the way her mother spoke of a woman’s duty, getting pregnant was supposed to be the simple part and she never thought getting her husband into her bed would be difficult. The way Society spoke of a woman’s honor, Bianca was half expecting to duel her way to peaceful night of sleep. She wasn’t supposed to work for it!

Every spare moment Myles has seems to be focused on his work and every day without a promotion seems to wind him tighter. While she wants nothing but his happiness, she wishes he focused less on the Ministry and more on their duty as husband and wife. She will not lose her estate to a bastard, it will NOT happen.

To the outside world, Myles and Bianca have a perfect marriage and Bianca would die before appearing otherwise. She’s the delightful socialite, the proud wife, and dutiful daughter, but she’s beginning to see things in her husband she doesn’t recognize. There are moment when he frightens her, but she’s no coward.

More than a legacy, more than money, she wants to be wanted. If he would let her in, if she could be enough? Oh, that would be enough.

Played By: Amy

Contact: Skype/PM

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"Well, I am most flattered. It is so wonderful to see that your tastes are so well developed. Considering the perpetual noise about you, one must wonder." Absolutely none of this was called for; a better witch would compliment the gown and walk away, but Bianca was insulted beyond all reason to see her custom gown on Antigone Lestrange. How the woman had convinced her tailor to betray Bianca's confidence was unknown, but Bianca would dig, Lord, how she'd dig!

All smiles, as others passed around them, Bianca's focus was clear. "Mrs. Lestrange, I find it amusing that, while we share so many things, that you would choose not to tell me you'd secured my favorite dress maker and his designs for the evening. I would have been so happy to suggest another, someone that could have design something flattering for you. How on earth did you come to wear my gown?"