Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Benji Lee
    In Character
    Full Name: Benjamin Luthor Lee
    Nicknames: Benji
    Birthdate: March 12th, 1871
    Current Age: 16 Years
    Occupation: Footman in the Pettigrew household
    Reputation: 3 for being a known bastard
    Residence: Pettigrew estate, Lancashire (Elsewhere)
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
    Wand: 12”, crooked but stiff, hazel wood and unicorn hair.
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower Class
    Father, Woodrow Turner | 1842 - 1884
    Wicked Witch, Vivian Turner | 1846 - 1883
    Half-Brother, Ben Turner | 1870

    Mother, Sarah Lee | 1853

    Aunt, Hope Turner | 1850
    Uncle, Fenton Turner | 1847 and family
    Uncle, Luther Turner | 1849

    Grandfather, Simon Lee | 1826
    Grandmother, Rayne Lee | 1828

    Aunt, Cynthia Applewood | 1844 - 1886
    Cousin, Gerald Applewood | 1876
    Uncle, Amos Lee | 1848
    Uncle, Luke Lee | 1849
    Aunt, Stella Lee | 1854
    Aunt, Morgan Lee | 1857
    Uncle, Peter Lee | 1864
    Height | 5 ft 5 in. Hair | Dark Brown Eyes | Grey Hand | Left
    Benji has a lean build, typically of a life for the lower class, although he has been lucky enough in his life to never have been underfed. He tends to be active and has some slight amount of muscle because of this. He detests having to sit still for haircuts and thus wears his hair as long and shaggy as his employer will allow (or, more accurately, as long and shaggy as the head butler will allow). He tends to wear his leisure clothes out quickly, meaning they are always shabby and thin, although while 'on the clock' he is dressed impeccably.
    Childhood: 1871-1882

    Benji’s birth was somewhat… unusual in its circumstances. His father was concerned by his wife’s several miscarriages and frequent bouts of mania, and was uncertain of her ability to produce a healthy child. As such, he managed to knock up the maid, Polly Lee, and the child produced arrived, quite awkwardly, mere months after Vivian’s first successful birth. Despite the fact that Ben Turner didn’t immediately die, his first few months were frought with illness, which lead Woodrow Turner to give his bastard the same name, so that this second son (nicknamed Benji) could serve as a replacement heir should the need arise.

    This understandably distressed Vivian, who hated him from the earliest of ages. Despite this, Benji was showed in affection by both his doting mother and his affectionate father, and grew up thinking of Ben, the legitimate son, as his brother and friend. He was mostly oblivious to the drama playing out on a constant loop between the adults and was a happy child. He showed his first sign of magic in 1874, a whole year before his half-brother. For a brief period Polly optimistically believed that perhaps Ben would turn out a squib, and Benji would succeed him as the heir, but that didn’t end up happening.

    The entire convoluted household picked up and moved to Hogsmeade in 1877. Ben managed to get himself (briefly) lost in the city a few months after their arrival, and that was the first time Benji realized that he was actually supposed to be a replacement if something happened to Ben. The idea of calling Vivian mother was quite alarming, and he was very relieved when Ben was found, unharmed.

    The boys both received owls for their eleventh birthdays, and Benji named his Obsidian. A year later, they both receive their Hogwarts letters. Benji’s mother could never have afforded to send him, but Woodrow perhaps still fearing that Ben may have some accident befall him, or perhaps out of genuine fatherly affection, sponsored his bastard's education as well as his son's, much to Vivian's dismay.

    Hogwarts: 1882-1884

    Benji departs for Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor, his half-brother into Ravenclaw. He immediately takes to schooling and makes several friends, though tends to get in a lot of trouble with his enthusiastic antics. During Winter holiday of his first year, Ben’s mother goes even more batshit than normal and is sent to an asylum. Already having drifted apart from his brother somewhat due to school, Benji now finds him even harder to talk to and they mostly go their own ways.

    In 1883, Vivian died but stuck around as the worst ghost ever. Much more significantly for Benji, the next year sees the end of his father, during the Laughing Plague of 1884. Benji grieved like any son would for his father, without realizing how this would affect the entire rest of his life. Since this made his brother Ben an orphan and Aunt Hope (who Benji had always liked) was not considered fit to be a proper guardian, Uncle Luther (whom Benji had never met, despite being partly named after him) took Ben in. The invitation did not extend to Polly or Benji, and Benji was told by his distraught mother that he would be unable to return to school for his third year.

    So I Guess You’re An Adult Now: 1884-1887

    Without knowing where else to turn, Polly and Benji moved in with Polly’s older brother, Amos. This proved a very temporary situation for Benji, as it was determined that he ought to find himself some sort of respectable career in the service industry as soon as possible. Polly’s oldest sister, the widowed Cynthia Applewood, was the cook to Mr. Thom Pettigrew, and was able to get him a position in the household. Benji was not exactly thrilled about the prospect of becoming a footman, someday, but it wasn’t as though he really had a choice.

    Living with Mr. Pettigrew wasn’t all bad, though. It was nicer than his Uncle Amos’ place in the slums of Hogsmeade, and since he wasn’t really trusted to do much for about the first year, he had plenty of free time. He also got to know his cousin, Aunt Cynthia’s son, and befriended the other servants as best he could. He missed Hogwarts and his friends there terribly, but eventually decided to make the best of his new life. Even at his worst moments, though, he never blamed Ben; it was that rotten uncle that turned them out!

    In fall of 1886, Aunt Cynthia fell ill and died, leaving behind her son Gerald. Benji assumed that her position as the cook would be filled, but after Mr. Pettigrew inherited the bigger estate he already had two cooks between the two houses, so there is no replacement brought on. Rather, when everyone picked up and moved to the country later that year, they started using the cook from the bigger house. Gerald was allowed to stay, though, having been more or less unofficially adopted by the other cook. That was good, because life at the Pettigrew estate in the country was decidedly much better than any of his other alternatives.
    Out of Character

    Name: Lynn
    Benji has family and friends for adoption!


    — You should be titled in a few moments. Please post with your new character in the Character Master List thread.

    — If you have a playby you would like to claim, you can go here.

    — Don't forget to record your character's past position(s) in our history records.

    — Not sure where to start? You can introduce yourself in a new topic here and fill out the plottage preferences form so people know what you're interested in.

    We also have a buddy system. If you are new to Charming, you will be contacted by your assigned buddy within 48 hours. Once initial contact is made, you can decide whether you'd like to continue to participate in the buddy system or if you'd prefer to figure things out on your own.

    Buddy System Leader(s):
    Nolan @Theseus Greengrass

    — Our Networking Forum is here. You can also hop in on a thread in our Lonely thread list or start an open thread of your own.

    — Don't forget to check out our Stamp Station for some extra fun!

    — We also have a member submitted and staff run Daily Prophet that reports on in character happenings. Check it out so you can see how it might effect your future plots.

    Thanks for deciding to join us, we hope you have a blast! :D
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